Fleta, creating MOU with Thailand's Aaron System.

입력시간 : 2018-10-05 20:52:08 , 최종수정 : 2018-10-05 20:52:08, 김종현 기자

Blockchain Mainnet project 'Fleta', has announced today that it had signed a business agreement with Aaron System, Thailand's leading blockchain Financial platform, to promote technological, and network exchange. 

The two will foster intercourse between South Korea and Thailand by establishing mutual connection system in project and technological development. 

Fleta will provide technical and operational assistance for Aaron System through its independent blockchain platform technology, and Aaron System has agreed to support Fleta's South East Asia expansion.

Aaron System is playing in connection with Thiland's government and Political officials, and it has a vision of unifying digital currency to build world without financial borders. Soon, it will begin financial platform service in 10 SEA nations.

Fleta is global platform project to promote cost efficiency, scalability, TPS and volume issue in conventional platforms through independent technological innovation. It has enhanced TPS by developing new consensus, PoF(Proof of Formulation), and enabled infinite scalability, and resolved high-cost issue through Independent Multi-chain system. It will release testnet this month, and will launch beta server by the end of the year.

Aaron Jin, the president of the Aaron system had announced that "The MOU will be the cornerstone of Fleta's SEA expansion, and Aaron System will be able to construct quality financial platform likewise.

Joon-Soo Kim, the president of Fleta had noted that "Fleta will be able to step further in its goal to become a global platform with Aaron System, which had already launched financial platform in 10 different SEA countries".

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